About Me

It was all an accident.

I have a deep understanding of the benefits of breastfeeding and the importance of providing support to new mothers.  The first question I get asked by moms is "Why did you become a LC?" My answer is always the same because it's my story...

My son was a NICU baby. Full term, but emergency C-section. He came out sheet-white and not breathing. He spent 5 days in NICU and during that time he was given whatever little colostrum I was making and supplemented with formula. What I didn't know was section moms have a delay in milk production, so I was pumping day and night. Setting timers every 3hrs to wake up and pump for 20 min. 

Fast forward 6 months. My son couldn't latch on his own without a shield. Loosing that little thin piece of plastic or accidentally wrapping it in his blanket and not knowing, the tears in wanting to "JUST BE A NORMAL MOM"... I struggled to persevere. Daily crying sessions, pain trying to feed my son "normally", Raynaud's syndrome, mastitis, feeling lost and without the confidence of knowing how to handle these situations drove me crazy. "I don't think I can get through one more day." I told my sister time and time again. Somehow I did.

Now at 22 months my son is still breastfeeding and we no longer have "those" issues. I'm finally a "normal" breastfeeding mom.

No mom should feel inadequate or like anything other than extraordinary. Help should be readily available, easy to find and affordable! As a former educator of 18 years I'm drawn to helping others and making a difference. Sharing my experience and training as a CLC is my passion.

"No matter if you do it for a day, a month, or a year - YOU are AMAZING." 

- unknown

Kristen is certified by ALPP.

Photos by Kelly Sikkema, unknown, Jordan Whitt

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