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"Breastfeeding is not easy but the bond it creates is unbreakable" - unknown

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In Home Visits / Virtual Appointments - 1.5-2hr

Nipple assessment, little to no breast changes during pregnancy, breast pump education and flange fitting, previous breast surgeries/injury, difficulty breastfeeding a previous child, low milk supply with a previous child, health issues for you or your baby, pregnant with multiples... and more.

(Services includes 1 week of text/messaging support)

Initial home visit- 1.5-2hrs (in person or virtual): $200

*Additional $50 fee for multiples - per baby

Follow up- 45-60min min ($100)

Already saw me 1 time but still you still aren't feeling confident? Book a follow up. I'll come to you and we will tackle the issue together. 

*Remember to do my google review and receive $10 off this service!

"New Mommy" package, including all the pampering goodies! Check the drop for details.

Want to give yourself or someone you love the gift of not having to worry when the baby comes? 

Having me on your team as your personal lactation consultant and guide will allow you to be able to relax and not worry when issues arise. Every package is designed with the new mom in mind, no matter if this is your first, second or third child every mom wants to feel special. Items in the care kit are packaged beautifully and will surely make a great impression and make her feel loved!

Two In-home Visits- 1.5-2 hr each

One Virtual Follow up- 1 hr 

One Month text, email support 

Mommy Care Kit: Including Oils, Scrubs, Soaks, Eye Mask, Nursing Pads, Nipple care...! The Works for Mama! 

$300 (Valued at more then $500)

Im in network with HUMANA, CIGNA & AETNA. We will provide you with a custom coded (to your insurance co) superbill for everyone else to submit to your insurance. While reimbursement is mandated for most plans under the Affordable Care Act, we cannot guarantee any outcome and will not submit an appeal. Depending on your plan some of these may be covered!

Sliding Scale

Please see below if you or your partner qualify.

Sliding scale for Self-pay if you or your partner meet one of these qualifications: on WIC, on Medicaid, DOE teacher, unemployed, or essential worker. Please contact us to request a sliding scale refund after booking.

Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

As a former educator I LOVE teaching. What better way to help by offering a CUSTOM class designed with YOU and your family's needs in mind. In the class I'll cover all the basics like: How to know if baby is getting enough, cluster feeding, blebs, combo feeding, low supply & over supply, etc. As well as answering YOUR specific questions that effect your confidence and mindset. This class is for you if this is your first baby or your second+. *Ask about the second+ baby breastfeeding class discount!

1.5-2+ Hr Private Prenatal breastfeeding class. $180 per couple- course book included. Class location can be at your home or virtual. Discount available for parents who are expecting their second+ baby and need a refresher course.

Insurance and the Affordable Care Act for Lactation

Under the Affordable Care Act of 2012. One of the biggest victories for breastfeeding individuals was the coverage provided to them. The ACA covers breastfeeding education, counseling and equipment at no cost to beneficiaries

Currently, I'm excepting HUMANA, CIGNA, UNITED & AETNA insurance companies. EVERYONE else I will provide a custom superbill that YOU can provide to your insurance company for reimbursement of my services. While I cannot guarantee full reimbursement, that is strictly dictated by your individual plan and insurance company as a whole, I can provide the information needed to receive full reimbursement. 

In person appointments for Palm Beach County and Broward County 

Virtual appointments available for the whole USA

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